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Have you made the decision to have good company at home?

Cats are curious by nature, they are generally pets with an independent nature and character, but they will give you their unconditional love.

It is normal that the first few days after arriving at your new home, you feel a little disoriented since everything is new for you. So it will take patience, attention and care to make it feel safe and comfortable.

Here we will give you the first tips for your care and well-being.

Cats need many hours of sleep so they will need a comfortable bed to rest.

Place your bed in a safe place, away from drafts and easy to access.

Due to their great personality, they are very picky when it comes to doing their business.  So you will have to try if basic trays, covered or semi-covered sandboxes are more comfortable for him.

Cats need to scratch for physiological reasons, so if we want to keep the furniture in our house intact, we will have to provide them with a tool that allows them to scratch whatever they want.

Scratching is a fun necessity for them!

During your kitten's active hours, offer him toys that help him develop his feline instinct such as stalking or hunting his prey.

After being weaned correctly (around week 8 of life) they can move on to a solid food diet, which includes the essential nutrients for this stage.

Choose a balanced food like Beriscat®, so there will be no need to reinforce their diet with supplements, since it contains all the nutrients your kitten needs to grow healthy and strong.

Let's remember that we must allocate one container for food and another for water. The ideal are containers specially designed for pets. 

It is advisable that both containers are separate, since if some of the food falls into the water, it will choose not to drink it.

They are very picky!

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